Rabbit Head Model

Producer and designer Ronald Bruce Campbell is always experimenting with alternate models. Campbell Canes is proud to present the newest fruit of his labor: The Rabbit Head. This redesigned cane head provides its user the signature stability of the classic Campbell Handle with the addition of a slip guard that allows its users a sturdy grip and prevents the user's hand from slipping forward off the cane. As with all Campbell Canes, this model is as elegant as it is practical.

*All of our walking/hiking canes are hand made. No two are exactly alike. Each is uniquely made from beautiful hardwoods and then finished with lacquer or beeswax and oranges to form a soft patina.

*This unique design works a different muscle group than regular canes. It takes pressure off from the shoulder and works the triceps muscle instead. You are forced to walk upright, thereby taking pressure off from your lungs. This helps people with respiratory problems. People with carpal tunnel may find that there will be less pain using this device because the pressure is less downward.  Those using regular canes tend to look down to the floor or the ground. If this is the case, their inner ear (balance) made not be working.




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