About Campbell Canes

Ron Campbell is a woodworker, furniture-maker and designer, and business owner whose Scottish ancestry has always been a source of strength and pride. He designed the original Campbell Handle™ in the mid-1980s through an interest in hiking; however, it was his recovery from knee surgery in 2008 that proved the value of the Campbell Handle™ as a walking cane. The cane gave him a sense of security through added balance and support, and improved his mobility, especially for climbing stairs. He also believes it shortened his recovery time by increasing his ability to exercise and boosting his confidence.

Since that time Ron has designed more canes and walking handles, each to meet specific needs.

For balance, support, comfort or confidence — whatever your need for a cane - Campbell Canes™ can meet it with style. Contact us today to share your story with Ron and to discover together which cane will work best for you.

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Revolutionary Design

The Campbell Handle was first invented in the 1980's by the entrepreneur Ronald Bruce Campbell. Since then, this radical redesign has taken hold in the medical community, affirmed by countless endorsements from medical practitioners. We have no doubt that this is the future of the cane.


You showed me your Campbell Handle cane and asked me to try it out.
Since then, over the course of three weeks, my back doesn't ache.
In short Sir, you have converted me and I use your cane with confidence and ease.
My Campbell Cane is beautiful, functional, and easy to use.
Thank you Sir.
J. L. Snow"

"It is a piece of art and locally made - both are important. But ergonomics is the top issue and your cane is the best!"
-Dr. Sheila H. Littlefield, D.C.

"The cane you sent is not only quite handsome, it's very "user friendly." Thank you so much for sending it to me. I appreciate your thoughtfulness.
Barbara and I send you and yours our very best wishes.
Most sincerely,
George H. W. Bush"